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What type of limitations can we face while flying drones?

Our drones can endure flights in wind speeds as high as 36km/h, 10m/s, 19kts. Drone Hire Adelaide has a drone operator certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). Other than that our drone operators are highly skilled and licensed to fly drone 120 meters above the ground level approximately 400 feet. However, the point to be noted that these drones can be operated outside the working airspaces of Australia. If by chance your project lies within such a region, there is also no need to worry as we will guide you properly to get government approvals.

 Are your Company and Equipment used insured?

Yes, our company is insured entirely, and the gear we use for filming is also indemnified. Moreover, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) advises keeping a minimum of 30 meters distance from the general public and public properties while flying the drone. However, even after this, any unfortunate incident occurs, we are still insured for Public Liabilities for the ease of our clients.

 For what purposes you can fly the drone and What is the flight time?

Drone Hire Adelaide can provide drone services for

  • Aerial Photography.
  • Aerial Film making.
  • Aerial Mapping.
  • Site Surveys.
  • Real Estate Inspection.
  • Search and Rescue Operations.

As far as flight time is concerned, it depends on the given conditions of weather, place, and type of service. Regardless of that, our drones are capable of flying from 8 minutes to 23 minutes continuously. However, don’t worry as it is the time for one battery and operators always carry multiple of them.

What Quality of Footage can you Provide?

Drone Hire Adelaide uses some of the most expensive and supreme quality drone cameras for offering its services. These cameras are capable of capturing 4K resolution, 1080p at 60fps videos and stills up to 25 Megapixels. Moreover, thermal imaging is also available. Also, our talented drone operators promise you the best stabilized footage.

What about the Pricing? Is it fixed?

No, it is not fixed. Our pricing methods depend on the type of project covered. Every new project requires a different kind of gear. Therefore, price varies and can only be evaluated after surveying and estimation of the project. Rest assured, we will still try our best to offer you the discounted best possible rates that are not only affordable but also cheaper than the whole of the market. Moreover, that’s a challenge!


Reliability of work is our top most priority. The pre-production and post-production requirements of films are primarily kept in view. Therefore, providing you with the best we can.

CASA Approved

Safety always comes first in the work we do. Drone Hire Adelaide is a registered and Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) approved company. That means the safety of clients, gear, team and the general public is our responsibility.


Insurance is a significant thing to do in our business. Therefore, we have always been in the leading path in this regard.

Creative Staff

Creativity is at its best among the people of Drone Hire Adelaide. The professionals that we have hired are highly skilled and some of the well-reputed people in the industry.

Affordable Pricing

Drone Hire Adelaide offers surprisingly best available affordable rates for its valuable clients. That’s why we stand out!

24/7 Customer Support

Drone Hire Adelaide offers uninterrupted and a very responsive customer support helpline for its users. The staff there is ready to answer your queries in the most friendly and hospitable manner possible.

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